Incentive Travel


Staff Incentive Travel Programmes

From the experience of working with many of our long standing clients, we have seen just how much the attendees value their winning place on an incentive trip. Showing people a really good time and looking after them properly is essential, so that they can relax and enjoy the exciting things they are seeing and doing. 

Our incentive travel programmes mean staff go back to the office pumped and ready to win the next trip. We find these trips work especially well when companies invite the winner’s partner, meaning real “golden time” with your loved one. 


Boost productivity

Any company can financially reward its staff with bonus schemes, but this is a very impersonal way of thanking people and certainly does not have the proven track record of boosting productivity in the way that an incentive reward trip can. 

These are “money can’t buy” events, that urge staff or customers on to compete with each other to win that place. They will help bond a sales team together, with shared memories and a feeling of being “in the club” – in a way that no cheque ever can. 


Why Longreach?

There are hundreds of incentive and event agencies out there, so why would you choose us over one of them? If you are looking for a truly personal service, that is professional but not stuffy, that is what you will get with Longreach. We are a small company who really do look after every aspect of your brief ourselves. We also personally accompany nearly all of our groups, so that you can feel assured that we are always there in the background, to ensure all goes to plan.