Reward and Recognition


Reward and retain happier Staff

In a world where a “job for life” is not the end game any more, employers have a tougher time enticing the right staff to apply and holding on to them. A reward or recognition scheme can be a helpful motivator to join. 


Why recognise?

Everybody wants to feel appreciated for what they do and achieve; a “thank you” to your staff will go a long way to ensuring their happiness and continued loyalty. 

It can be a small gesture such as a lunch or dinner, or something a little more special – a West End musical and night in a posh hotel, to something more elaborate and further afield.


Why Longreach?

We can help you make the right choice of what to offer with your reward and recognition programme to ensure it is delivered to your exact brief. With Longreach at your side, your “thank you” will have the personal and sincere touch that is required so your employees feel motivated, valued and dedicated to being loyal and growing with your organisation.